Truck Accident Lawyer – When You Need One

Have you been injured in a truck accident? Truck accidents — especially those involving large semi trucks — can result in severe, life-threatening injuries due to the significant size differential between the vehicles. In a number of cases, the collision is fatal.

If you or a loved one was injured or lost their life in a truck accident, attorneys with Hogan & Hogan, P.A. are here to assist as you work to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries, vehicle damages, lost wages and other losses.

Based in Orlando, Florida, personal injury lawyers with Hogan & Hogan, P.A. take a unique  ““clients first” approach to our cases. We understand how traumatic a serious truck accident can be, particularly in cases involving life-changing injuries, permanent disability or the loss of a loved one. So we go out of our way to eliminate as much stress as possible during the legal process, as we determine who holds liability and then pursue those parties in order to seek compensation for your losses. 

To maximize the chances of seeing a positive outcome to your case, it’s important to contact our truck accident lawyers as soon as possible so we can get to work gathering information and evidence on your collision. Call the Orlando law offices of Hogan & Hogan, P.A. to arrange a no-cost consultation session at 407-422-2188.

Common Issues After a Semi Truck Accident

The elite team of Orlando lawyers at Hogan & Hogan, P.A. handle a large number of accident cases each year and most clients come to our law firm with many different questions and concerns. So our legal team has compiled information on some of the most common questions we receive. 

How Long Do I Have to File a Truck Accident Lawsuit?

In Florida, you usually have a period of four years to file a lawsuit against another driver, trucking company or insurance company. (Though notably, you generally cannot hold another driver liable unless the crash meets or surpasses the “serious injury” threshold.) 

In cases where you wish to file a personal injury claim against a municipality or the state, you have a period of three years. A municipality may be named in a lawsuit if a city-maintained roadway was not properly cared for or repaired and this damage/disrepair directly contributed to and caused the accident.

What is Florida’s Comparative Negligence Law?

In Florida, a percentage of blame is assigned to the drivers involved in an accident. So let’s say that you are found to be to 10% at-fault for the accident and the court finds you’re eligible to receive an award of $100,000. This judgment would be adjusted to account for the 10% of blame that you hold in the collision, so you would receive $90,000 instead of $100,000.

For this reason, it’s important to work with an experienced truck accident attorney who can offer representation, which may include working to prove that you were not at-fault for the collision.

What Should I Do After an Accident With a Semi Truck or Other Vehicle?

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Many crashes involving a semi truck, box truck or even a pick-up truck can involve some very extensive vehicle damage and severe injuries, so you may be limited in terms of what you can physically do immediately following the accident. In cases of brain injuries, spinal and back injuries and serious injury to your limbs, you may also see a major impact in terms of your abilities to care for yourself and live independently.

But in an ideal situation, you should contact the police to report the crash. This allows the authorities to document the accident scene on your behalf, while also collecting evidence and information from the other involved driver(s) and any witnesses who were driving (or walking) in the immediate area when the collision occurred. The police can also provide an objective third-party account of the accident scene – something that is important to avoid a “he said, she said” type of situation as you pursue a claim.

If you are able to do so, take photographs of the accident scene before any vehicles are moved. Also photograph any skid marks (or the area where the skid marks ought to have been), as the length of the skid marks can be used to determine speed. Authorities typically take this type of photo, but it’s typically wise to take your own photographs if you are physically able to do so in a safe manner.

You should seek immediate medical attention and a thorough medical evaluation, even if you don’t feel injured. Some very serious internal injuries may not have any outward symptoms until the situation is life-threatening and critical. What’s more, it’s important that your condition and injuries are properly documented. Photograph your injuries before and after receiving treatment. Your physician will also document your injuries in your medical records.

Our Orlando personal injury attorneys recommend keeping a medical journal to document your injuries and the impact on your life. You should include information such as:

  • Your daily pain level;
  • Your doctor’s appointments;
  • Your therapy appointments;
  • Medical bills/expenses; and
  • The impact of your injuries on daily life (i.e. an inability to go to work or complete daily living tasks without assistance.)

A medical journal can provide lots of important insight for your case.

We recommend contacting one of our semi truck accident lawyers as soon as possible. The sooner we can begin working on your case, the better your chances of seeing a positive outcome.

I Was Offered a Truck Accident Settlement. Should I Accept it?

In some cases, you may be offered a settlement which, once accepted, prevents you from seeking additional damages in the future. Therefore, it’s essential that you consult a top truck accident law firm before accepting any settlement.

A lump sum settlement may initially seem sizable, but many accident victims suffer permanent disability and lifelong effects that result in future expenses and losses. So you must ensure that the settlement is sufficient to cover these costs and losses. For this reason, it’s vital to consult an experienced truck accident lawyer who can pursue the liable trucking company or insurance company to seek the compensation you deserve. 

Florida clients can also turn to Hogan & Hogan, P.A. for assistance with negotiation as you try to arrive at a fair out of court settlement. 

What Kind of Damages Can I Get in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

You may be eligible to receive compensation for a variety of damages and losses in the past, present and future, including your medical expenses, physical therapy costs, in-home care costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, vehicle repair/replacement costs, loss of consortium and, in the case of a fatal crash, funeral and burial expenses.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Truck Accident Lawyer?

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Truck accident attorneys typically work on a contingency basis, meaning that they do not request an up-front retainer fee. Instead, the attorney accepts their payment from the funds that are recovered via a settlement or in court via a jury award. The exact dollar amount varies dramatically depending upon the nature of your case, its complexity, whether it was settled or resolved in court, and the amount of time required to arrive at a resolution. Our elite team of Orlando personal injury attorneys will also attempt to recoup your legal fees as part of the settlement or court award.

Trust One of the Best Semi Truck Accident Law Firms to Handle Your Case

If you or a loved one were injured in a semi truck accident, attorneys with Hogan & Hogan, P.A. are here to help you seek out the compensation you deserve for your injuries and other losses.

A truck accident can be devastating, leaving you suffering physically, financially and emotionally. So our legal team takes a “clients first” approach with the objective of minimizing the stress and worry that you experience throughout the legal process.

In addition to handling personal injury lawsuits like car accident and truck lawsuits, we also handle medical malpractice cases, wrongful death claims, premises liability cases, and litigation over dangerous drugs and defective medical devices.

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