Our Insurance Claims Strategy

Insurance LawOver the years, the average person pays thousands of dollars on insurance premiums. So when it comes time to file a claim, you expect that you’ll promptly receive an insurance check in the mail. But in many cases, policyholders are shocked to learn that their claim has been denied. It’s easy to feel betrayed and abandoned at a time when you really needed help!

But when it comes down to it, insurance companies are running a business, and the more they pay you, the lower their profit margin will be. So subsequently, insurers make a concerted effort to deny as many claims as possible. And of the claims that are paid out, it’s customary for the insurer to pay the absolute bare minimum.

But this is where an experienced insurance law attorney can assist, as we will work hard to represent you and your interests. At the Law Office of Hogan & Hogan, P.A., our Florida insurance attorneys have extensive experience in all areas of insurance law. From contacting the insurance company on your behalf, to filing insurance lawsuits to recover the money you’re rightfully owed, our legal team will work hard to help you get the compensation you deserve.

In addition, we can provide clients with more proactive help. It’s easy to get confused when obtaining an insurance policy, especially when you consider all of the unique terms, phrases and the complex policy language that is utilized. So our law firm also helps clients who need help deciphering their policy’s language. We’ll work with you to ensure you understand your policy so you can make an educated decision as to what, if any, additional coverage you will require. With this approach, you can avoid problems before they arise.

When you turn to the insurance law attorneys of the Law Office of Hogan & Hogan, P.A., you’ll benefit from our one-of-a-kind “clients first” approach. We understand that our clients are already upset and stressed in many cases, so our goal is to make the legal process as simple and as straightforward as possible.

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Common Questions and Concerns About Insurance Law

The Florida insurance law attorneys of the Law Office of Hogan & Hogan, P.A. routinely field questions from policyholders who are facing some sort of challenge or struggle with their insurance provider. Our team of insurance lawyers have compiled info on a few of the most common concerns and inquiries that we address.

Insurance Law

Why Do I Need an Insurance Lawyer?

Make no mistake: your insurance company is a business that is focused on turning a profit. They are focusing on their interests, not yours. Our law firm’s insurance attorneys will represent you and your interests. We will work to ensure that you understand your policy and the legalities surrounding your case. We will also strive to recover the funds you deserve in cases where a claim is wrongfully denied or underpaid.

Many clients also lack a firm understanding of what they’re buying when purchasing an insurance policy. So our insurance law professionals can review your policy and help you to interpret and understand the language in the document. Once you have a good understanding of the policy, you’ll be in a good position to make an informed decision. For instance, you may find that you’re over-insured or under-insured, so with a better understanding of your policy, you can take appropriate action to remedy the situation. This will help you avoid a costly and troublesome surprise in the future.

If I File a Lawsuit, Will I Need to Go to Court for Lengthy Proceedings?

Not necessarily. Your attorney can represent you in many proceedings, and some cases can be resolved before a lawsuit is even filed. Your attorney can work to negotiate and resolve the matter on your behalf.

In other cases, you may need to sue an insurance company. But lawsuits do not always conclude in court, as this results in added costs for the insurer. Therefore, a large portion of insurance lawsuits are settled before the time comes to decide the case in court.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire an Insurance Lawyer?

Our insurance attorneys work on a contingency basis for cases where we’re filing a lawsuit on your behalf in an attempt to recover the funds that you’re owed. We accept our fee from the recovered funds. In some cases, the jury award or settlement may cover your legal costs.

In cases where the scope of the legal matter is simpler and more straightforward (and no funds are recovered), such as the case of a homeowner who is seeking an insurance lawyer’s help to interpret his policy, a flat fee or hourly rate may be charged.

Hire a Top Florida Insurance Law Firm to Handle Your Legal Matters

Insurance LawOur world-class team of Orlando insurance lawyers will work hard to represent you and protect your interests as we strive to secure the compensation you deserve. The insurance company has a powerful legal team guarding their interests; it’s only appropriate that you have a talented team of insurance law attorneys protecting and working for you.

At the Law Office of Hogan & Hogan, P.A., our legal team believes in a “clients first” approach. This approach has made us stand apart from many other Florida law firms. We’re committed to you, our client, and our goal extends beyond recovering a financial award, dealing with the insurance company on your behalf or filing a lawsuit against your insurance company. Our goal is to ensure that your legal experience is as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

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